Policy Studies for Education




Apr 10 - Jul 11, 2014


AKU-IED campus, Karimabad

Course on "Policy Studies for Education"

Continuing Professional Education

​The twelve-week course will provide you with an opportunity to:

- gain theoretical insights into the field of policy studies;

- critique various theoretical positioning in education policy and locate the flow of power and politics in education policy;

- develop an understanding of changing global and national context of education and its implications for education policy and governance;

- examine the ‘policy trajectory’ from problem identification, to policy formulation, implementation and evaluation;

- distinguish between ‘analysis of policy’ and ‘analysis for policy’ and to see their implications for policy decisions and practice;

- conduct a policy analysis and design a policy research;

- understand the issues surrounding the implementation of policy and be able to suggest their ramification;

- appreciate particular issues of education policy implementation in developing countries;

- communicate policy messages and engage in policy advocacy;

- recognise institutions as part of broader education system and be able to develop and implement policy at that level in light of broader public policy and

- network with a range of fellow learners in the field, including AKU-IED’s MEd students as classroom peers.

Course Fee: Rs. 25,000/- per participant

Deadline for registration: March 21, 2014


​Phone: 92 21 36347611-4, Ext: 8696
email: ied.pdck@aku.edu


​AKU-IED, Pakistan

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