Sep 20, 2013

9:30 am - 6:00 pm


St John’s College Research Centre, 45-46 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP

Social memory in the Middle East and North Africa

A research workshop in the series Arabic Pasts: Histories and Historiography
St John’s College, Oxford/ISMC, Aga Khan University/SOAS, University of London

Session 1, 9.45am-11am 
Chair: James McDougall, Trinity College, Oxford
Julia Bray, St John’s College, Oxford, Welcome and introduction: Thoughts on history and social memory in the Middle East and North Africa
Hugh Kennedy, SOAS, University of London, Ibn Hawqal and the economic history of the Abbasid caliphate

11am-11.30am Coffee

Session 2 11.30am‐1pm 
Chair: Julia Bray, St John’s College, Oxford
Antoine Borrut, University of Maryland, Early Islam between memory and oblivion
Sarah Bowen Savant, Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, Aga Khan University, Patronizing Iran’s pre-Islamic past

1 pm-2pm Lunch

Session 3, 2pm-4.15pm 
Chair: Konrad Hirschler, SOAS, University of London
Marie Legendre, Oriental Institute, Oxford, Forgetting the conquest: Egyptian subjects of the early Islamic state and the making of the “Copts”
Isabel Toral-Niehoff, AKU-ISMC, London, Caliphs, Astrology, Christian monks and Ancient prophecies: The foundation legends of Baghdad in context
Graham Barrett, St John’s College, Oxford, Remembering Hispania

4.15pm‐4.30pm Tea

Session 4, 4.30pm-­‐6pm 
Chair: Sarah Bowen Savant, AKU-ISMC, London
Ed McAllister, St Antony’s College, Oxford, Memories of state in Bab el-Oued
Malika Rahal, CNRS-Institut d’histoire du temps présent, Paris, Time standing still in a country without a past : Algeria, 2011-2013
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Sarah Bowen Savant,​


Sarah Bowen Savant, sarah.savant@aku.eduJulia Bray,,  Konrad Hirschler, or James McDougall,

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