AKU at a Glance

 AKU ​at a Glance

   Alumni: 12,286​​​
​   Current Students: 2,098​
   ​Faculty and Staff: 12,910​​
   ​Campuses and teaching site​s in​ three​ continents

​ We have planned three new faculties:​
   Faculty of Arts & Sciences in Pakistan
   Faculty of Arts &​ Sciences in East Africa​
   Faculty of Health Sciences in East Africa​

​ We have planned seven graduate professional schools:
​   Architecture & Human Settlement
   ​Economic Growth & Development

   ​Government, Public Policy & Civil Society
   Leadership & Management
   Leisure & Tourism
   Media & Communications


 Our Vision

​ Our Values

Aga Khan University has envisioned to serve the developing world and Muslim societies in innovative and enduring ways. It is committed to the development of human capacities through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge, and application through service.​ 

Aga Khan University operates on the values 
of quality, relevance, impact and access to build an environment that fosters intellectual freedom, distinction in scholarship, pluralism, compassion and humanity's collective responsibility for a sustainable physical, social and cultural environme​nt.


Updated as of March, 2015​​​​​