Student Success Networks

Faculty & Student Success Networks  

Network of Quality Assurance & Improvement

The QAI_net promotes the highest quality academic programmes at AKU through structured periodic self, peer and external reviews and evaluations.

Network of Teaching & Learning

The TL_net promotes excellence in teaching at AKU through professional educational development of faculty in order to engage students and enhance their learning experience.  The Network includes the development of expertise in blended and digital learning (through the Network of Blended & Digital Learning [BDL_net]) and case-based learning.

Network of Student Experience

The SE_net works closely with professional and administrative staff at each of AKU's campuses to provide excellent student services in the areas of campus and student life; counselling and development; and residence life.

Network of English Language Instruction ​(in development)



Quality Assurance & Improvement
Tashmin Khamis
Tel: +254 20 366 2416

Teaching & Learning
Tashmin Khamis
Tel: +254 20 366 2416

Blended & Digital Learning
Azra Naseem
Assistant Director
Tel: +92 21 3486 3917

Student Experience
Louis R Ariano
Associate Vice-Provost (Student Experience) & University Registrar
Tel: +92 21 3486 4440