FMIC providing care in the remotest regions of Afghanistan

FMIC providing care in the remotest regions of Afghanistan

French Medical Institute for ChildrenApril 2, 2014

In a special programme, BBC talked about the advanced facilities available at the French Medical Institute for Children and the eHealth support provided by Aga Khan University that lets rural patients receive treatment over the web.

Transcript from video: “In the vast mountainous ranges of Afghanistan, people live far away from major cities and that means far from medical care. But now technology is helping bridge the distance. Health specialists in capital Kabul can speak to patients hundreds of kilometres away in the rural areas via a webcam. They can then advise local doctors on diagnoses and treatments. This technology was a desperately needed resource for those people whose only alternative was visits to street clinics.

The staff at Aga Khan University, Pakistan is helping in the development of basic software to treat patients remotely.

“The beauty of this technology is that we can use it anywhere in the world. We can upload images and can give consultations via internet. It is very simple and cheap,” says Dr Tariq Mahmud Tariq of the French Medical Institute for Children.

So far more than 10,000 Afghan patients have been treated using remote consultation. The Hospital hopes to expand its network further.

“We are working with the Ministry of Public Health to ensure that once they link all the hospitals with fibre optic then we will be able to provide the same quality of services to almost all hospitals across Afghanistan in regional hospitals. This is the only unsung hospital currently in Afghanistan,” adds Dr Aziz Jan of the French Medical Institute for Children.

But the UN has warned that need for better health care still dramatically outstrips Afghanistan current capacity after years of conflicts…”



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