AKU Dar es Salaam campus to benefit from $ 2.1M investment

AKU Dar es Salaam campus to benefit from $ 2.1M investment

November 12, 2013

Come 2014, Salama House, AKU’s Institute for Educational Development campus in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, will receive an ambitious facelift with major renovations and the addition of a third storey.

The upgrade project forms part of wider support provided to AKU’s health science programmes being implemented across East Africa, with support from KfW, the Frankfurt-based government-owned development bank. The budget for the overhaul is set at US$ 2.1 million.

Plans include the renovation and refurbishment of existing facilities to improve the teaching environment and the construction of a third storey to provide much-needed space. By working within the existing campus building, the project also gives AKU the opportunity to retrofit Salama House to international standards. The refurbishment will ensure inclusivity via the provision of disabled access, sustainability and environmental-friendliness through the inclusion of energy-saving and water-recycling features appropriate to the local climate.

Eventually, the AKU School of Nursing will also relocate to Salama House from its current site. Not only will this provide both the schools with modern and needs-appropriate facilities, it will also have the added benefit of creating a new central hub for AKU’s activities in Dar es Salaam.

Construction work is expected to begin in early 2014, with final commissioning of the building in late 2014. Upon completion, Salama House will host an expanded library, including digital learning facilities, state-of-the-art skills and science laboratories for on-site training and instruction, an innovative multi-media learning centre, and a range of seminar rooms and classrooms designed to better meet the needs of AKU students today. 

The refurbished building will also include mixed faculty and student space. This is specifically designed to encourage interaction, knowledge sharing and joint work between nursing and education faculty and students.

The existing premises of the School of Nursing, opposite the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam, will be taken over by the hospital for its expansion and will provide additional spaces for AKU’s PGME programme.


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