Several graduates of IED Pakistan selected as head teachers

Several graduates of IED Pakistan selected as head teachers

August 28, 2013
Professional Development Centre, North (PDCN) campus building in Gilgit-Baltistan

Several MEd graduates of IED, Pakistan have been appointed as head teachers for government schools.

A total of 13 graduates, 10 from Gilgit-Baltistan and three from Balochistan, were selected after passing the prestigious Federal Public Service Commission examination.

As school heads, these individuals will not only be able to enact change and reform in their own schools but will also provide professional guidance to teachers and schools in their areas, building capacity in the larger community.

The outstanding performance of these graduates in the examination highlights the quality and efficacy of IED’s Master’s programme.

The two-year MEd prepares graduates to become facilitators of positive change within their school systems by developing their skills as reflective practitioners, classroom researchers and life-long learners.

Gilgit- Baltistan
Murad Baig, ’11
D.J. Middle School, Jandrote, Tehsil Gupis, Ghizar
Karim Mohammad Khan ‘07
F.G. Boys High School Chatorkhand, Ghizar
Shujaat Ali 09
Govt. Girls High School, Hussainabad, Skardu
Ejaz Hussain ‘07
F.G. High School Yasin, Ghizar
Shahzad Hussain ‘08
F.G. Boys High School, Sumal, Ghizar
Manzoor Hussain ‘07
F.G. Middle School, Yaseen Proper Ghizar
Hazir Panah ‘08
Govt. High School Gupis, Ghizar
Umar Jan ‘07
F.G. Middle School, Sumal, Gupis, Ghizar
Sher Ahmed ‘12
Gen. Muhammad Musa, Government Degree College, Quetta
Abdul Sher Khan ‘07
F.G. Boys High School, Gupis, Ghizar
Abdul Khaliq ‘11
Govt. Model High School Chaman Qilla Abdullah
Asharaf Ali Khan ‘07
F.G. High School Yasin, Ghizar
Shahid Hussain ‘11
Govt. High School Lanjar Jao, District Awaran, Balochistan


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