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An article by Dr Alex Awiti of AKU says: Africa has two per cent of the world’s registered vehicles but a disproportionate 16 per cent of the world’s road traffic deaths.
October 27, 2014
Speaking at the event organised by PMA on Ebola, Dr Afia Zafar of AKUH said that there is minimal chance that the virus will find its way into Pakistan. “But because people travel a lot so we can’t ignore the issue.”
October 22, 2014
An article by Dr Alex Awiti of AKU: Recent estimates by the World Bank put the population of global poor at 1.44 billion people, based on the $1.25 daily expenditure.
October 20, 2014
“We are developing about 250,000 new infections annually,” said Dr Saeed Hamid, Chair, Department of Medicine, during a three-day conference on Hep C at AKU.
October 19, 2014
The elderly are stigmatised as unproductive, a burden on society and labelled as uninformed. According to Dr Saniya Sabzwari of AKU, “The key is to change the mindset of people."
October 19, 2014
According to Moti Khan, a nutritionist at AKUH, “The reason why most people are dull during the day is because they either choose to eat too heavy breakfast or skip the meal completely.”
October 19, 2014
According to Dr Sadia Arshad, a cardiologist at AKUH, around one-third of the deaths in Pakistan are caused by heart-related diseases.
October 13, 2014
AKU experts Dr Faisal Mahmood and Dr Irum Qamar conducted an awareness session for media on congo virus at AKUH.
October 3, 2014
“Our approach is not right,” said Dr Anita Zaidi of AKU. She said the lone focus on polio had had a negative effect, and that the vaccine should be given alongside others.
October 2, 2014
Television channels are defining the national narrative. These were thoughts expressed at AKU’s Sixth Sense Forum Lecture Series at a panel discussion on “Pakistan’s rising political temperature”.
October 1, 2014




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