AKU’s outstanding self-assessment report lauded by IUCEA

AKU’s outstanding self-assessment report lauded by IUCEA

August 30, 2013

Two faculty members of AKU have been funded to participate in a training course that is part of a collaborative project in capacity building between the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD), German Rectors Conference (HRK), and the National Commissions and Councils for Higher Education in the Partner States of the East African Community.  

The project’s aim was to introduce a regional quality assurance system for universities in East Africa, using the framework in the IUCEA’s Road Map to Quality. 

Workshops to train the trainers in self assessment and to promote internal quality assurance were held over the last year in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Entebbe with teams of quality assurance officers from over 25 East African universities taking part.

Supported by DAAD and IUCEA, Dr Tashmin Khamis, Director of the AKU Network of Quality Assurance and Improvement & Teaching and Learning, and Dr Khairunnisa Dhamani, Academic Head for the Advanced Nursing Studies Programmes in Tanzania, were trained at the workshops.  Their training was used to pilot the framework for self-assessment at AKU’s RN-BScN programmes in Kenya and Tanzania. 

Dean of Nursing, Dr Yasmin Amarsi, assembled AKU teams from Kenya and Tanzania, chaired by Charles Aywak in Kenya and Stewart Mbelwa in Tanzania (the chair was formerly held by the late Mavis Yengo).  Dr Dhamani and Dr Khamis trained and supported the self-assessment teams by ensuring that the practice was evidence-based and by helping to edit a report about the process that was submitted to the IUCEA in June.

In August, at the final workshop in Entebbe, the IUCEA mentioned that the internal training at AKU had obviously been very strong as evidenced by the impressive quality of the self-assessment reports submitted by both the Kenya and Tanzania campuses and which scored a 6 and 5 out of 7 respectively.  The AKU-ANS teams' reports are now being used as a model of best practice in self-assessment for the region.

The AKU Network of Quality Assurance and Improvement in the Office of the Provost aims to support entities with training for self and peer assessment that leads to improvement of programmes and, hence, the student experience.

The IUCEA model for self-assessment can be downloaded at www.iucea.org via the link to the Quality Assurance Handbook Volume 1 (see page 14)


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